Hungary plans anti-migration campaign in Greece, other transit countries

Hungarian soldiers build a barbed wire fence near Asotthalom, Hungary on Thursday. Hungary's government has started to construct a 175 kilometres (108.74 miles) long fence on the border in order to halt a massive flow of migrants who enter the EU via Hungary and head to western Europe.

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Hungary’s government says it plans to extend its anti-migration campaign to countries like Greece, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) and Serbia, transit points used by the more than 120,000 migrants who have entered Hungary this year.

Minister Janos Lazar said Thursday that the government wants to "convince migrants that it is not worth entering Hungary" because it is building a fence on the border with Serbia, and has imposed tougher migration rules since Aug. 1. Most of the migrants who enter Hungary are their way to richer EU destinations, such as Germany or Sweden.

A billboard campaign with slogans like — "If you come to Hungary you must respect our culture" — and a questionnaire sent to voters linking migration and terrorism have been criticized by rights groups as xenophobic. [AP]