The Parthenon Sculptures were in the limelight again this week after a series of publications, mostly in the British press, rekindled the debate about their return to their homeland in Athens from the British Museum in London.

12.10.2022 / 16:22

The Thessaloniki International Film Festival will open on November 3 with Steven Spielberg’s new movie, “The Fabelmans.” The story, loosely based on Spielberg’s early life, centers around young Sammy Fabelman.

10.08.2022 / 21:45

Affable, cool and with a sense of humor, Aaron Ryder puts you at your ease at once, even though he is one of the most successful producers in Hollywood today, working with the likes of Christopher Nolan and Denis Villeneuve.

21.02.2022 / 09:00

We caught up with Kathryn Hunter during a break in rehearsals for Eugene Ionesco’s “Chairs,” which went on stage on February 5 at the Almeida Theater in London.

25.01.2022 / 19:36

A leak about a Hollywood production company’s plans to shoot a film in Drama in northern Greece is threatening to pull the plug on the project amid confidentiality concerns.

08.07.2021 / 15:11

The first question I wanted to pose to Orestis Andreadakis when he spoke to me of his project “The City and the City” was how the history of Thessaloniki’s Jewish community can be linked to the bicentennial of the Greek Revolution, which is the theme of this year’s Thessaloniki Documentary Festival. “In celebrating the 200 […]

26.05.2021 / 13:30

Greece’s open-air cinemas got off to a good start after the lockdown last Friday, reopening with relatively strong box-office sales despite some stiff TV competition over the weekend – a soccer cup final and the Eurovision song contest.

20.03.2021 / 12:54

For all its weirdness, this has also been a year that created opportunities which may not have existed otherwise for independent filmmakers trying to compete with the industry’s big players.

02.03.2021 / 22:04

The Guardian recently published a positive review of “Digger,” the directorial debut of Georgis Grigorakis and one of the best Greek feature films of the year.

11.02.2021 / 21:02

The title of his first solo album, “Drums to Heal Society,” can be seen as a prophecy or a message of hope, given the events that shook the world after it came out in 2019. For Vassilis Podaras – aka Billy Pod – it was a harbinger for the next step in his career.

02.12.2020 / 13:54

With the goal of attracting big international film productions to Greece, an amendment will soon make its way to Parliament which will modify legislation regarding the cash rebate investment tool.

30.10.2020 / 10:56

Mike Flanagan, creator of the successful 2018 supernatural horror series “The Haunting of Hill House,” returns to Netflix with “The Haunting of Bly Manor.” The gothic thriller stars Victoria Pedretti.

30.05.2020 / 12:55

Ahead of opening day on Monday, open-air movie theaters in Athens are putting the finishing touches in their venues, tidying up, disinfecting, pruning the plants and arranging the seating so there’s a distance of at least 1.5 meters between members of the audience.