05.08.2017 / 14:28

Kids often dream of becoming astronauts or traveling to the North Pole, but by the time they reach adulthood, most settle for the occasional holiday to more accessible destinations and the permanent presence of gravity.

26.07.2017 / 14:07

If the countdown to your summer vacation has already started and you’re having a tough time deciding where to go, a last-minute solution is to let the music (and dancing) guide you.

21.07.2017 / 16:17

Newly arrived visitors from abroad will soon have a chance to admire artifacts and figurines from the early Cycladic civilization before they even arrive at their final destination, probably on one of the Greek islands.

20.07.2017 / 18:26

In the early 1970s, the Bolshoi Ballet came to Athens, with a star dancing the title role of Spartacus at a packed Herod Atticus Theater. Mikhail Lavrovsky was at the apogee of his fame at the time and this particular role was to become a career milestone.

13.07.2017 / 11:54

Every summer for the past 13 years, the International Festival of the Aegean transforms Syros into a destination for classical music and opera aficionados from all over the world, but few know that this institution owes its existence to one man’s admiration for a theater.

16.07.2016 / 12:53

Between July 18 and 23, a summer camp for young stargazers has been organized at the Kletsas Estate near the historic and restored Gravia Inn in Fokida, central Greece, which promises days of exciting activities and magical nights exploring the evening skies.

28.11.2015 / 12:21

Most locals associate the Eugenides Foundation in Athens with outer space thanks to some of the films screened at its planetarium. Now, however, we are invited on a journey down into the magical world beneath the waves.

03.09.2015 / 22:04

Inspired by current political and economic developments, works by a group of European artists are being showcased in an exhibition titled “In Flux,” in the town of Elefsina, just outside Athens.