Konstantinos Sgoumpopoulos, a Zen abbot as well as shipping and real estate businessman, talks to Kathimerini about the first Zen monastery to be built in Greece and the wider region.


27.10.2017 / 13:11

What kiosks look like has changed a lot since 1911, as has the legal framework governing them. They were once gifted by the state to wounded war veterans in lieu of a pension.

16.08.2017 / 16:36

A pilot program called “The Triangle” has resulted in a sea change in relations between the municipality and shop owners in Athens’s “commercial triangle,” as the capital’s central retail district is known, resulting in an effective coexistence in a city that’s difficult at the best of times but which is going through an especially hard time now.

04.04.2017 / 10:35

Greeks living and working in Britain are increasingly asking themselves, and others, “How will we manage after Brexit?” They feel at sea and try to shrug off the unease by telling themselves “this cannot happen here.”

24.11.2016 / 18:40

The rooms at the Benaki annex are the projects of the recipients of the top three awards in a Pan-European competition organized by international architecture review DOMES.

15.10.2016 / 14:29

For those born up until the early 1980s, much emotional weight is attached to the era, mainly because of the sweeping social and political changes that took place during that period.