25.04.2023 / 21:19

The history of art is full of unsung heroes. Their names have remained in the dark, either because we turned our backs on them or because they chose to.

30.03.2023 / 18:12

The Athens Conservatory is holding a special event on Monday in honor of music collector Stathis Arfanis, who donated more than 30,000 records – mostly classical and opera and many rare – to the state music school.

12.12.2022 / 08:18

A building of almost unreal appearance strikes a contrast among the city blocks of Agios Dimitrios. Like a spaceship ready to take off down the straight run of Vouliamenis Avenue, it looks like something that has come from another galaxy.

10.10.2022 / 23:11

The camera is in the driver’s seat in a first-person shot. The road twists and turns before a rapid montage spirits us from Kavalas Avenue in Aspropyrgos onto a ferry headed for Kefalonia.

20.09.2022 / 23:16

Elliniko, early September 2007. A skinny young man holding a camera wanders across the empty, yawning expanses of Greece’s former international airport on the capital’s southern coast.

03.04.2022 / 18:00

The ship glides into port. Brightly lit against the night, it appears, from the window, to float in the dark sky. We are in the city of Ermoupoli on Syros, the heart of the Aegean, at the research center of maritime historian George M. Foustanos.

28.03.2022 / 19:13

Rising 200 meters above central Athens and 300 meters above sea level, with views that stretch across the city toward the Saronic Gulf, there is a sugar-cube chapel that looks like it belongs on one of the Cycladic islands.

29.11.2021 / 13:27

Pedion tou Areos park to the south, the Tourkovounia hills to the east, Galatsi and Alepotrypa Hill to the north and Patission Street to the west: These form the boundaries of Kypseli, a neighborhood that was part of the countryside until Athens became the capital of Greece in 1834.

09.10.2021 / 10:15

His memorable work – be it political cartoons for magazines like The New Yorker or The Nation or graphic novels, including adaptations of works by great masters like Franz Kafka and Joseph Conrad – has captivated the whole planet.