State support measures will from now on operate increasingly with ceilings and restrictions in an effort to contain costs and prevent any cases of abuse – intentional or not. The pressure on the budget is growing as restrictions keep being extended and the Finance Ministry is running out of other options.

02.03.2021 / 22:29

The Finance Ministry’s plan for the support of enterprises as of April provides for the coverage of their fixed expenditure in the form of credit toward their tax and social security obligations.

02.03.2021 / 01:15

The state subsidy for corporate loans and freelancers’ debts to banks to be included in the Finance Ministry’s Gefyra 2 program will apply for eight months and range from €600 to €50,000, according to the bill Kathimerini has seen.

01.03.2021 / 09:48

The government has concluded the five criteria based on which investment projects will be selected for financing under the Next Generation EU fund.

25.02.2021 / 21:13

The European Commission expects an extra burden on the state budget from the stricter lockdowns in Greece amounting to 2.6 billion euros or 1.5% of gross domestic product.

25.02.2021 / 14:51

The government’s plan to extend the discount on the corporate tax deposit into this year appears to have fallen victim to successive lockdowns.

23.02.2021 / 23:05

The Finance Ministry is increasingly leaning towards the forecast of the European Commission for a 3.5% growth rate of the Greek economy this year, as the current conditions with the extension of the strict lockdown in various parts of the country have rendered the budget target of 4.8% difficult to attain.

21.02.2021 / 20:44

The Finance Ministry is sending distress signals over the extended lockdown of retail commerce, as the cost to the economy and the budget is becoming increasingly unbearable.

16.02.2021 / 21:18

The extension of the coronavirus restrictions cost the budget an additional deficit of more than 500 million euros last month, compared to what had been projected two months earlier.

14.02.2021 / 20:27

The government is making plans for the instruments with which it will support the economy as the country emerges from the pandemic, even though the Finance Ministry’s main concern right now is how long the current lockdown will last, with enterprises and households requiring further assistance.