In just over a year, the European Central Bank acquired Greek sovereign bonds worth a total of 21.936 billion euros in the context of its extraordinary bond-buying program (PEPP), thereby surpassing the Greek state’s issuing activity in that period 1.4 times.

18.03.2021 / 10:34

Greece sealed its complete return to the bond markets on Wednesday with the very successful issue of a new 30-year bond, which has completed the Greek yield curve and confirmed the country is back to normalcy.

16.03.2021 / 23:31

The Greek state is expected to issue a new 30-year bond on Wednesday – if conditions allow it – in the country’s second market foray within 2021.

02.03.2021 / 04:00

The recent unrest in global bond markets is certainly affecting the plans of Greece’s Public Debt Management Agency (PDMA), but isn’t generating any worries for now.

01.03.2021 / 09:58

Analysts do not seem to be concerned about the course of the Greek bonds and spread nor about the sustainability of the national debt; in fact they discern several supporting factors for Greece.

18.02.2021 / 20:15

International rating agencies may adjust their forecasts on Greece’s gross domestic product soon, but for now they are happy with the estimates they have already made about 2020 as a whole.

17.02.2021 / 23:01

Greece recorded the third highest increase in sovereign debt in terms of gross domestic product in the world last year, a year when global debt soared due to the growth of public debt, while the rise of corporate arrears and household dues was reduced thanks to government support measures.

16.02.2021 / 20:18

Bad loans are not the only challenges Greek banks are facing, according to Fitch Ratings. Securitizations will mean banks will have to issue bonds while operating profits will stay weak, Pau Labro, director of Financial Institutions at Fitch, tells Kathimerini.

14.02.2021 / 20:59

The European Central Bank may be one of the strongest allies of Greece in this crisis, but the anticipated conclusion of the PEPP program is not expected to put Greek bonds at risk, as until then the sustainability of the country’s public finances will have improved further, Fitch Ratings analysts told Kathimerini.