Kostas Karapavlos is standing in the middle of the hall. The 180-year-old wooden floor creaks with every step he takes. He shows us portraits and old family photos on the walls – his great-great-grandfather was Ioannis Kapodistrias, first head of state of independent Greece.

04.03.2024 / 22:00

“Hello, Mr Roussopoulos. Congratulations!” said a customer from another table at the taverna in Ilioupoli, where Kathimerini met on Tuesday with the first Greek politician to be unanimously elected the 35th president of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE).

21.02.2024 / 11:41

The Ionia and Egnatia highways have done away with the old isolation. Young people are returning to their roots. Tourism is booming. The people of Ioannina do not want to repeat the mistakes of others. They want to keep the sense of moderation that characterizes Epirus

23.11.2023 / 23:27

In Greek mythology, Eurus, the son of King Haemus and Rhodope, was worshiped by the Thracians for his divine qualities.

09.11.2023 / 13:46

Can stubbornness against all odds or the toil and struggle in the lands and waters of the homeland’s borders be rewarded? Our debt to the Greeks living in the country’s border regions is enormous, collective and personal for each one of us. Any initiative to highlight their contribution is nothing compared […]

22.10.2023 / 14:39

While others might have overlooked this discovery, Lefteris Zorzos, an archaeologist with a profound passion for research, bent down to retrieve a bullet casing from the floor of an abandoned building at the Captain Apostolos Zafeiris military base on the Aegean island of Syros, where he served in 2014.

20.09.2023 / 10:30

A photo of an aged and sartorially impeccable Eleftherios Venizelos taking a swing at a golf ball was the first thing to catch my eye in the elegantly old-world apartment. I was there to meet with Artemisia Lymberaki, the youngest sister of the late prime minister Konstantinos Mitsotakis.

08.09.2023 / 05:07

In early September, 101 years ago, as the Turkish cavalry entered Smyrna, a Greek city on the Aegean coast of Anatolia, some 1,200 women and children sought refuge within the courtyard of the American Collegiate Institute for Girls, also known as the American Girls’ School.

02.08.2023 / 19:18

Our small boat was dancing on the waves in winds gusting up to 6 Beaufort, while the divers performed the final checks before their descent to the depths off Antikythera, a small Greek island roughly halfway between the southern tip of the Peloponnese and Crete.

12.06.2023 / 14:29

I first met Andrew Liveris in 2012 in Florida, at the most significant annual meeting of prominent Greek Americans of the Leadership 100 organization, which had been founded by Archbishop Iakovos.