I have to admit that as I headed to the Museum of Cycladic Art for a tour of “Antiquarianism and Philhellenism,” I suspected I would most probably get bored at the sight of golden table clocks and oil paintings depicting rebellious men in frilly white foustanellas.


07.01.2021 / 20:50

Greece is represented on the Google Arts & Culture platform by organizations such as the National Gallery, the Benaki Museum and the Theocharakis Foundation.

11.12.2020 / 19:01

People who often walk in the garden of the Zappeion Mansion in downtown Athens know that they are always in good company, with the statues of great Greek benefactors, poets and philosophers.

02.12.2020 / 21:10

Close your eyes for a moment. When you open them, you’ll find yourself in the main square of Fira, on the southern Aegean island of Santorini. Then, as if by magic, you’re flying above the cable car, down to the sea and plunging into the caldera to explore the underwater crater before emerging on Nea Kameni to tour the volcanic islet. 

01.12.2020 / 21:10

Kostas Prapoglou’s apartment in the downtown Athens district of Kypseli really is the “time capsule” he describes. It looks out over the openness of Fokionos Negri Square and is a perfect period piece of 1960s middle-class Athenian residential architecture.