It may be lacking the glitz and glamour originally envisioned before the pandemic, but the bicentennial of the 1821 Greek Revolution has already served its true purpose by activating a new, more incisive exploration of the country’s past through the prism of the greatest event to define the modern Greek state.


08.01.2021 / 19:32

Given our ever-growing familiarity with digital cultural experiences, the Acropolis Museum’s newly launched virtual edition is a welcome development. Visitors will be surprised by the original point of view.

26.10.2020 / 16:18

Visitors to the National Gallery will be treated to some 500 works of art that have only been seen before in temporary exhibitions, as well as a new section on 20th and 21st century paintings, videos and installations when the institution reopens its doors in March following a radical renovation.

30.09.2020 / 23:01

The Benaki Museum is seeking to establish a permanent presence in Australia and the United States, while also creating a trust fund and building on the progress of recent years to increase revenues, the respected organization’s chief executive officer told Kathimerini in an interview, describing its five-year sustainability plan.

12.08.2020 / 21:45

I first caught a glimpse of it through a window at the entrance to the Astir resort’s beach club in Vouliagmeni, on Athens’ southern coast. 

14.05.2020 / 16:19

Our sense of touch is what allows us to understand the textures of the world around us as we embark on a tactile adventure of exploration that is at the core of the work of interdisciplinary artist Maria Fragoudaki.

24.10.2019 / 16:00

“The Hour of Greece,” an exhibition which opens at the Hellenic-American Union on Thursday, celebrates a private collection that was inspired by events in the collector’s private life and a major chapter of world history.

25.07.2019 / 10:42

“I'd wanted to come to Greece for years, but something always prevented it from happening. But when I got the phone call from Stavros Tsakiris asking me to play Prometheus, I thought of my parents telling me: 'Are you kidding Katerina? You don't say no to such an offer!'.” 

10.06.2019 / 15:56

The Acropolis Museum, considered among the world’s best, is celebrating 10 years since it opened its doors to the public. And what a decade it’s been too, with some 14.5 million visitors crossing its threshold.

16.04.2019 / 12:22

Drawing on data gleaned from 19th century Ottoman archives, Acropolis Museum director Dimitrios Pandermalis has challenged claims by the British Museum that Lord Elgin had obtained permission from the sultan when Greece was under Turkish rule to transfer the Parthenon Marbles from Athens to London.

23.03.2019 / 13:07

A verse from Giorgos Seferis’s poem “Thrush” – “…the statues are no longer fragments. We are” – perfectly captures the essence of “Broken History,” a new collection of works by artist Pavlos Samios that recently went on show at the Greek capital’s Byzantine and Christian Museum.