02.01.2022 / 10:12

Having been practically raised in Greece and spending much of her time in the country her family loved like home, Rachel Howard is happy to talk about her father on the occasion of the City of Athens’ exhibition of his paintings.

25.12.2021 / 13:24

The dining room table of the Papadopoulos family, laid out for a big Sunday meal, is the centerpiece of the Benaki Museum’s impressive and original new exhibition, “Papadopoulos 100: The Story of the Company 1922-2022.”

01.12.2021 / 18:34

Bright lights and colors have animated the Great Lawn at the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center (SNFCC) in southern Athens as it has just inaugurated a fun, interactive installation by American sculptor Jen Lewin.

05.06.2021 / 17:05

You return to the ground floor with a mind swirling with information, images and musings, thinking that after cramming 60 years of history onto the first floor, there can’t be anymore.

14.04.2021 / 20:10

It may be lacking the glitz and glamour originally envisioned before the pandemic, but the bicentennial of the 1821 Greek Revolution has already served its true purpose by activating a new, more incisive exploration of the country’s past through the prism of the greatest event to define the modern Greek state.

08.01.2021 / 19:32

Given our ever-growing familiarity with digital cultural experiences, the Acropolis Museum’s newly launched virtual edition is a welcome development. Visitors will be surprised by the original point of view.

26.10.2020 / 16:18

Visitors to the National Gallery will be treated to some 500 works of art that have only been seen before in temporary exhibitions, as well as a new section on 20th and 21st century paintings, videos and installations when the institution reopens its doors in March following a radical renovation.