From Nikos Alivizatos’ book “Beyond Article 16,” I discovered that Greek higher education institutions were recognized as public legal entities after the civil war (1946-49), in a move designed to exclude communist professors.

21.05.2023 / 20:51

There are certain things in life that are so evident that they warrant no explanation. They should not require a search for arguments to justify their existence or practice.

21.11.2022 / 03:51

The custom of legitimizing things that should not be tolerated may have innocent motives, but it inevitably prompts certain reflexes. Our society is addicted to cheating and tolerates it when it comes in a legitimate guise, and especially when it doesn’t harm any specific interests – except our quality of life more generally. In many […]

25.04.2022 / 20:02

Russian President Vladimir Putin is a butcher and he’s destroying his people. I’m shouting this out because I believe it and I want to blow off some steam, but I am a private citizen and what I say doesn’t matter.

29.01.2022 / 21:45

The anger of those who froze in their cars or were left without power during last week’s snowstorm is perfectly justified, but a few thousand frustrated citizens does not make a national crisis.

16.07.2018 / 11:07

I attended an event organized by the Indonesian Embassy in Athens last Sunday afternoon. It was held at the Zirineio Municipal Sports Center in the northern suburb of Kifissia and was attended by dozens of Indonesian families, representing almost the entire community that lives in the Attica area.