Hans-Lukas Kieser teaches Ottoman and modern history at the universities of Zurich in his native Switzerland and Newcastle in Australia, and is widely regarded as one of the foremost authorities on modern Turkey.

20.07.2022 / 21:41

The ghosts of 1974 are still very much among us. What would have happened if the views of the “invisible dictator” Dimitrios Ioannidis had prevailed and if, on the morning of July 20, 1974, when the Turkish forces invaded Cyprus, Athens had declared war on Ankara?

08.07.2022 / 17:24

Will ancient Greek and Chinese wisdom be able to help humanity overcome a series of crises that have occurred almost simultaneously? Professor Jeffrey Sachs thinks so.

22.05.2022 / 11:55

The book by Aris Portosalte on Stefanos Manos is entitled “A Cesura in Inertia” and is the distillation of over 40 hours of conversations between the SKAI journalist and the politician, who has not lost his ability to provoke despite having spent 30 years away from governmental roles.

11.05.2022 / 09:34

We normally have unexamined certainties to guide us through daily life. But few people are so gifted at shaking those certainties than Michael Sandel.

05.05.2022 / 08:38

Jeffrey Sachs is urging the United States to negotiate with Russia and find a decisive resolution to the war in Ukraine. The eminent Columbia University professor of economics heads the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network Leadership Council (SDSN).

22.04.2022 / 08:31

Until 2019 he was a high-ranking CIA officer, responsible for special operations in Iraq, Afghanistan and Russia. He was born in Athens, Greece into a Greek-American and Jewish family. Pretty soon the family had to return to the US, where Polymeropoulos’ father became a Rutgers and Cornell University professor.

13.04.2022 / 09:35

Critical of both Russia’s and the US strategy in Ukraine, Mark Galeotti is one of the most distinguished Russia experts. His book “We Need to Talk About Putin” (2019) is one of the most thorough portraits of the Russian leader.

07.04.2022 / 23:40

Richard Ned Lebow does not harbor many doubts. The main cause of the war in Ukraine that has affected all Western countries, and indeed the whole world, in economic and security terms, is President Vladimir Putin’s world view.

30.03.2022 / 22:20

In the first week of the war in Ukraine, retired Lieutenant General Ben Hodges dared to predict that Russia would reach its limits in about a month’s time. Undoubtedly he knows his craft pretty well.

22.03.2022 / 21:38

“In the post-Stalinist period there was the Politburo around the Soviet leader. Russia was a collective autocracy. Now it is a single-headed autocracy.” This is one of the insights on Russia of Ivo Daalder, US ambassador to NATO during the Obama years.

16.03.2022 / 10:27

One of the preeminent political scientists in Europe and director of research at Sciences Po in Paris, Jacques Rupnik talks to Kathimerini about the tectonic shift that has been taking place in Europe following the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

14.03.2022 / 09:40

One of the most charismatic British politicians of his generation and a former UK foreign secretary (2007-2010), David Miliband has been the president and CEO of the International Rescue Committee (IRC) since 2013.

06.03.2022 / 12:13

The director of foreign policy at the Center for European Reform, Ian Bond, is a former British diplomat who knows Greece well, not least because he studied Classics at Oxford.