The deadly 2018 fire in the eastern Attica town of Mati has served as a manual for the present government in how it should manage communications in this recent tragedy. And the manual is titled “What Not to Do.”It says: Don’t claim to have control of the situation when this is obviously not the case; […]

01.01.2023 / 22:01

At the center of the wiretapping case and with both sides of the political system trying to weaponize him, the chairman of the Authority for Communication Security and Privacy (ADAE), Christos Rammos, has been walking a careful tightrope.

16.12.2022 / 10:38

A wiretapping scandal and innuendos about an ongoing blackmail campaign. Cash handouts and political favors. A prolonged electoral campaign without a clear election date. MP candidates working with the Church of Greece to boost their visibility. Politicians on the campaign trail hugging babies and pressing the flesh.

12.10.2022 / 09:00

Nanna-Louise W. Linde is the vice president for European Government Affairs at Microsoft. An imposing presence, former model and mother of three, her life looks like something out of an episode of the Netflix series “Borgen” – she is Danish after all.

22.09.2022 / 22:32

I am always surprised at how polarization can make a public debate become so brutal. It happened in the case of the 38 refugees trapped on an islet in the Evros River and of 5-year-old Maria, who allegedly died of a scorpion sting there.

30.12.2021 / 21:42

Last there for the Thessaloniki International Film Festival in November, I walked past Eleftherias (Freedom) Square and saw it closed off with metal barriers. I was shocked when I realized where I was.

17.01.2021 / 16:36

When does a politician’s past come under the statute of limitations? When are their own sins expunged and when is citizens’ forgetfulness legitimate, even appropriate?

16.01.2021 / 19:11

With three candidates vying on Friday and Saturday to take over the leadership of the Christian Democratic Party (CDU) and succeed Angela Merkel as German chancellor, Greece is weighing who could best serve its interest.

09.10.2020 / 21:11

Can anyone write about the Athens Court of Appeal’s verdict on Golden Dawn without resorting to clichés? Without using words like “historic,” “victory” or “democracy”? Without mentioning the Brechtian figure of Magda Fyssa or her cry “Son, you did it”? It’s tough.

19.09.2020 / 19:07

When I was young and woke up abruptly in the middle of the night – during that transitionary phase between dream and reality – I used to see shadows and shapes that were not really there.

17.08.2020 / 07:14

I’m reading “Flights,” by Nobel laureate Olga Tokarczuk, which is an ode to travel.

16.07.2020 / 09:41

The already tense relationship between Greece and Turkey has been strained further in the wake of Ankara’s leaking of a supposedly secret meeting between Greek, Turkish and German officials following Turkey’s controversial decision to convert Istanbul’s Hagia Sophia into a mosque and amid an increasingly aggressive Turkish stance in the East Mediterranean. 

29.05.2020 / 16:19

The same people that we chose to trust in the past few months are now assuring us that it is now safe for kids to return to school.