Chinese language Video Festival open to Greeks


The first ever Chinese Language Video Festival has been launched to celebrate this year’s United Nations Chinese Language Day, and is open to Greeks too.

The event, organized by the United Nations Office at Geneva, the Permanent Mission of China to the United Nations Office at Geneva and Other International Organizations in Switzerland, and CMG (China Media Group), is open to all foreigners worldwide interested in the Chinese language. The deadline for video submission in next Thursday, April 15.

Participants are invited to submit original videos to showcase the beauty of Chinese calligraphy, Chinese poetry as well as Chinese culinary culture, by recalling their own stories or narrating any memories related to springtime. 

The result of the competition will be announced at a virtual event at 4 p.m. Greek time on Tuesday, April 20, this year’s United Nations Chinese Language Day. The one-hour special program, which showcases some of the best original video works, will be joined by international celebrities and well-known Chinese language influencers from around the world. It will be live-streamed across the social media platforms of CMG and the United Nations. 

Winners of the competition will receive certificates issued by the United Nations Office at Geneva and CMG Europe. Five winners will be invited to visit the Palais des Nations of the United Nations Office at Geneva. The program will offer successful candidates scholarships from one of the top Chinese universities and the opportunity to take part in its summer school project, as well as future work placement at CMG Europe.