Cultural treats in store at Halandri

A performance by the legendary Moiseyev Ballet, which last appeared in Athens 12 years ago, the staging of a fairy tale by historical puppet theater group Ancient Marionettes Company Carlo Colla & Sons, and a children’s musical with Greek and American artists are some of the surprises included in the full program that the Arts Center of Halandri prepared for its first, trial season. The new complex, which has a capacity of 570 seats and will host different activities, was inaugurated last May and aims not only at developing Greek-American cultural relations, but also at promoting new artists. Situated on Garyttou Street, it is only a 10-minute walk from the Halandri metro station. «Quality, imagination and variety are the key elements in this year’s program,» said the center’s president, Miltos Economopoulos, at a recent press conference. The program will begin on Thursday, with the opening of the exhibition «American Theater in Greece in the 20th Century.» A discussion on American theater in Greece and the influence of ancient Greek drama on American playwriting will take place on the same day, with Costas Georgoussopoulos as coordinator. On Friday, Aspasia Papathanassiou will interpret a monologue from Aeschylus’ «Oresteia» trilogy. «Wheelchair Dancer,» American playwright Sarah Froeber’s musical for children, will be staged every weekend starting this Saturday. A highly sensitive play, it also includes action, dance and lively music composed by Mike Hammer. Amy, the leading character, is left disabled after an accident yet maintains a positive attitude and pursues her great dream, which is to dance. November’s program features a concert by the Artis Piano Trio, «Classical Romanticism from Mendelssohn to Brahms,» on November 13; the sets for the concert were created by artist Alekos Fassianos. An exhibition of works from the Emfietzoglou collection will be on display from November 16 to December 10, while on November 26 and 27, an interesting dance event will take place, featuring performances by Daniel Lommel’s Aenaon Dance Theater, Pierre Tavernier’s [email protected] group and Niki Kontaxaki’s ballet and contemporary dance group. The Orchestra of Colors will play extracts from humorous operas in «Humor Gala,» to be staged on December 3 and 4, and the Moiseyev Ballet will give four unique performances from December 15 to 18. Italian ensemble Ancient Marionettes Company Carlo Colla & Sons will stage «Cinderella» for five nights, December 29 to January 2. The Arts Center of Halandri is situated at 53 Garyttou, Halandri, tel 210.639.3341.