Concert with melodized Cavafy

“I rarely have the opportunity to show that my work can have social content and that art has direct meaning,» said composer Dimitiris Papadimitriou at a recent press conference. In his first appearance at the Athens Concert Hall on Wednesday, Papadimitriou will present a concert of songs based on melodized poetry by Cavafy, which he staged at Alexandria (and the Herod Atticus Theater) two years ago. Proceeds will go to the Greek section of Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation International. «Even if I weren’t a musician, I still wouldn’t be a doctor, although I would like that very much. It is a job I envy terribly, but I don’t have the necessary psychological qualifications,» said Papadimitriou. «I was puzzled at first about the content of the concert, because of the focus on juvenile diabetes,» he added. «When the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation suggested a complete presentation of my work on Cavafy, the poet himself had somehow already put me in touch with the subject… One could say that Cavafy’s writings were often inspired by young people’s vitality and vigor.» What is now different from the concert at Alexandria? «I have added nine songs, more work has been carried out and many new interpreters will perform,» Papadimitriou pointed out. «My work is very much based on new singers. I think that they are very sensitive and worried about many things. We use a lot of serious people who are looking for something.» «It is easy to study and then use the knowledge you acquired through your studies,» he said commenting on a composer’s work. «What is difficult is to go a step beyond where Greek entechno (art) song has left off.» The Orchestra of Colors, conducted by Miltos Logiadis, will participate in the concert, while vocalists Eleftheria Arvanitaki, Gerassimos Andreatos, Fotini Darra, Tassos Apostolou and others will interpret the songs. Athens Concert Hall, 1 Kokkali & Vas. Sofias, tel 210.728.2333.