Mimis Plessas favorites to get a fresh sound at Herod Atticus

«Music is a divine art, maybe because it does not require any kind of knowledge in order to be understood…» At a recent press conference, composer Mimis Plessas talked not just about memories from the good old days, but also about a fresh look on his music. The press conference was held on the occasion of a major concert, «Tributes – Memories,» which the composer is scheduled to give at the Herod Atticus Theater on May 20. The concert will also be the curtain-raiser for the annual Athens Festival, which celebrates its 50th birthday this year. Piano continues to be Plessas’s great love; as the composer said, «88 keys are the black-and-white lifetime lover.» He went on to describe the upcoming concert program as «sacred and experienced with lots of love.» Plessas will be playing the piano, while a variety of guest vocalists will alternate on the stage, including Alkistis Protopsalti, young baritone Spyros Kleissas, soprano Vassiliki Karayianni and others. «What is interesting is that we will tamper with the most well-known compositions to see how much their truth can hold,» said Plessas. The evening will start off with jazz compositions and, according to Plessas, «cinema moments» and «a tribute to the great personalities of Greek cinema.» The intermission will be followed by music by Greek composers. Plessas pointed out that the audience is expected to join in at the end of the concert, along with Protopsalti, who will interpret 10 of her favorite Plessas songs. The Herod Atticus Theater is situated below the Acropolis. Tickets are available at the theater’s box office and the Hellenic Festival Box Office, 39 Panepistimiou, tel 210.928.2900. For credit card bookings, call the same number.