Memories of school days

A window display at Patakis Publishers’ main bookstore in downtown Athens brings to life memories of school days in the 20th century. Created by Manos Haritatos and the Hellenic Literary and Historical Archive (ELIA), the exhibit will be run till October 1. Among the items on display are a desk from 1914, pupils’ pinafores from the Arsakeio school, pupils’ caps, supervisors’ reports from the 1950s, and a complete collection of primary school readers from the interwar period till the late 1970s. And there are dozens more objects that bring the past to life: old pens, copybooks, handwriting books with woodcut designs on the covers, glass inkwells and wooden pencil cases from early last century as well as masses of commemorative photographs. Personal items on loan from Athenian politicians, artists and other notables are also to be found in the exhibits. «A bookstore is a living thing, a place that acts as a bridge between various activities related to art, tradition and culture,» says Katerina Batoudaki, manager of the store. «We are celebrating our sixth year at this location with a series of exhibitions. Our aim is to recall everyday moments in the past, at a time when they were important. Patakis, 65 Academias, 9 a.m. – 9 p.m.