Ballet students perform

This year’s production of the National Ballet School is titled «Acts of Light Acts of Darkness» and will be staged at the Athens Concert Hall from tomorrow to Friday. The program will include the first and third parts of Martha Graham’s choreography «Acts of Light» («Conversations of Lovers» and «Helios» respectively), as well as «Wien,» choreographed by France’s Pascal Rioult, with music by Maurice Ravel. Rioult worked with the Martha Graham Dance Company in 1989 and started his career as a choreographer three years later, while holding the position of the company’s lead dancer. The Pascal Rioult dance theater has performed in New York and various parts of North America and has also taken part in many festivals in France, including in Cannes. The upcoming performance by the Hellenic Dance Company (the National Ballet School company) will feature the participation of choreographers Linda Kapetanea and Josef Frucek in the work «The Thunder Comes from Earth»; both are collaborators of Wim Vandekeybys. The program will also include choreographies by Britain’s Richard Alston, as well as Antonis Foniadakis and Nana Vachla, Greek artists who are prominent abroad. Tickets are available at the Athens Concert Hall, 1 Kokkali & Vas. Sofias, tel 210.728.2333.