Don’t smoke and don’t even think of getting up

On a domestic flight from New York to Washington, the Greek journalists had the opportunity to do some reporting (in highly uncomfortable circumstances). Kyra Adam, of the Athens daily Eleftherotypia, her passport clenched between her teeth, her shoes and stockings in her hands, her baggage on her back, waited for an hour before takeoff. Once inside, another surprise lay in store as the stewardesses asked all passengers to remain in their seats, their seat belts fastened, and not to get up even to go to the toilets, which were locked for the duration of the one-hour flight. The reason – any movement in the air might set off rockets within the White House’s air space. The rule was introduced after the September 11 terrorist attacks in New York and Washington. The prime minister was not affected by any of these measures of course, as he made the trip to Washington by car – a journey of four hours. We thank Kyra Adam for her report! As for the «American dream,» it has ended in people not being able to do what even a king gets to do by himself. Incredible but true!