A profile of strength

The daughter of Robert F. Kennedy, Kerry Kennedy Cuomo, began her work in human rights in 1981, when she investigated abuses committed by US immigration officials against refugees from El Salvador. Since then, she has led over 40 human rights delegations. Having served as its executive director, Kennedy Cuomo is now on the board of directors of the Robert F. Kennedy Memorial, a non-profit organization addressing issues of social justice. There she ran three programs: the National Juvenile Justice Project, aiding cities to develop effective programs for dealing with young offenders; the RFK Journalism and RFK Book Awards, which recognize those authors who expose the problems of the less fortunate; and the RFK Center for Human Rights, which she founded in 1988. The RFK Center for Human Rights provides support for all those defending human rights, publicizing torture, repression of free speech and all kinds of abuse, while at the same time urging Congress and the administration to address human rights issues when planning and executing foreign policy. The center also offers activists the necessary resources in order to make progress in their work. Over the years, Kennedy Cuomo has been involved in diverse issues of human rights including child labor, disappearances, indigenous land rights, judicial independence, freedom of expression, ethnic violence, domestic violence and women’s rights. She has appeared on many television shows, while a number of her articles and commentaries have been published in the USA. As a special correspondent for the environmental TV magazine program Network Earth, Kennedy Cuomo reported on human rights and the environment. She has also interviewed human rights leaders for the Voice of America radio station. Furthermore, she is chair of the Amnesty International Leadership Council, and is on the judging panel of the Reebok Human Rights Award. She serves on a number of boards, including those of the Lawyers Committee for Human Rights, the Bloody Sunday Trust, and the Robert F. Kennedy Memorial. She is also on several advisory committees, while she has worked in several political campaigns. She is a member of the Massachusetts and Washington, DC bar associations. She is married to Andrew Cuomo, a Democrat running for governor of New York in the November elections and the son of former New York State Governor Mario Cuomo. They have three daughters. Unfaithful