Labyrinth Musical Workshop | Crete | To September 24


Ireland-to-Greece transplant Ross Daly has been conducting master classes out of a restored manor house in Crete for the past 17 years, bringing the sounds and musical styles of the Middle East, the Balkans, India and Central Asia to budding musicians, with the assistance of guest teachers. Located 20 kilometers south of Iraklio, the Labyrinth Musical Workshop continues this summer with weekly classes by experienced international musicians that are aimed at both beginners and experienced players, as well as concerts every Friday and Sunday. An avid collector of instruments and lyra-player himself, 67-year-old Daly boasts an extensive discography with more than 35 albums. Those interested in participating in the seminars, which generally last six days, can register at www.labyrinthmusic.gr. Recommended accommodation in the town of Houdetsi is available during registration.

Labyrinth Musical Workshop, Houdetsi, Iraklio, tel 2810.741.027