Western Macedonia has fifth highest regional unemployment rate in EU, Eurostat finds

The Greek region of Western Macedonia has the fifth highest regional unemployment rate in the European Union, statistical agency Eurostat said on Wednesday.

The jobless rate in Western Macedonia in 2012 was 29.9 percent. The only regions with higher unemployment were Ceuta (38.5%), Andalucía (34.6%), Extremadura and Canarias (both 33.0%) – all in Spain.

The lowest rates recorded in the regions of Salzburg and Tirol (both 2.5%) in Austria and Tübingen, Oberbayern and Trier (all 2.7%) in Germany.

In total, 10 Greek regions had an unemployment rate of more than 20.8 percent, which is double the EU average.

Western Macedonia was also the region in the EU with the second highest unemployment rate, at 36.8 percent.

The northern Greek region also had the highest youth unemployment rate in the EU, at 72.5 percent.