Main tax offices offset laggards in revenues

Tax offices in Greece have shown a mixed picture in the first four months of the year as far as revenue collection is concerned.

Official figures released by the Finance Ministry on Friday showed that the revenue total is within the budget target, but eight out of 10 tax authorities have been off target, with only the big tax offices in the country making up for the smaller laggards.

In the period from January to April 2013 collected taxes amounted to 8.13 billion euros, against a target for 8.17 billion, i.e. a minor shortfall of 0.5 percent.

However, out of the country’s 140 tax offices, 114 missed the targets that had been set for them. The biggest problem appears to be on the islands, with popular tourism destinations like Myconos (down 43.3 percent) and Milos (down 36.9 percent) posting the greatest shortfalls.

The other 26 tax offices, however, beat their targets for the year’s first four months.

Meanwhile, out of the 58.2 billion euros of expired debts, 25.2 billion concern fines and just 1.6 billion of that is in the process of being settled by debtors, as one in three taxpayers and two in three companies owe money to tax authorities.