Greeks evolving into bargain hunters


Price rather than quality is what consumers are mainly looking for when choosing their supermarket, the Research Institute of Retail Consumer Goods (IELKA) has found, adding that the hunt for bargains means that Greeks are no longer loyal to a particular chain.

The 2016 survey presented on Wednesday at a general meeting of ECR Hellas, the association of local retailers and suppliers, showed that 41 percent of consumers choose a supermarket according to the money they plan to spend there. This is a steady rise from the 39 percent rate recorded in the 2015 survey and the 35 percent rate of 2014.

Quality comes second (35 percent) among what consumers are looking for, with hygiene and safety sharing third place among the list of factors, after 16 percent of respondents cited these among their main incentives. The elements of time and convenience have dropped in consumers’ priorities to just 8 percent, from 15 percent in 2015.

In their majority Greeks shop from 2.1 different chains and visit 2.2 different supermarkets for their groceries. Around three out of five say the main reason why they choose a supermarket is the special prices and discounts it offers, with 70 percent admitting to being bargain hunters.