Cross-checking system of bank accounts and incomes is good to go


The improved electronic system for cross-checking bank deposits and incomes is set to start operating in the next few days. The tax registration codes of some 1.2 million taxpayers and corporations will be thoroughly checked and the results will be out within just two days.

The ministry started operating the online system on a pilot basis in November, and now that certain technical problems have been ironed out, it is ready for use by all tax offices and the main inspection center.

As a ministry official noted, the system will search for indications of undeclared incomes in bank account transactions. It will deduct the amounts that constitute redepositing of cash and ignore minor amounts. If there are discrepancies between declared incomes and deposits, taxpayers will be asked to justify them.

The list of major depositors includes bank clients who made one deposit of at least 100,000 euros, or more deposits that exceeded 300,000 euros in one year, for the years from 2000 to 2012.

The new online cross-checking system is incompatible with that used by the financial police. For this reason, it will not examine cases that have been or are being probed by the latter.