The pandemic has added to citizens’ and businesses’ expired debts to the tax authorities, with taxpayers being unable to pay some 1.57 billion euros over the first couple of months this year, even though several taxes have been frozen and the state continues to support enterprises and households that are hurting.

08.04.2021 / 01:09

The maintenance of the escape clause from the high primary surplus target for next year as well has allowed the government to continue to hold off the solidarity levy for private sector salary workers, freelance professionals, landlords and dividend recipients.

07.04.2021 / 04:00

The tax administration is rushing to process 570,000 declarations of reduced rental revenues submitted by landlords for the period from March to December 2020.

06.04.2021 / 20:16

As retail trade partially opened on Monday, targeted measures to the tune of 130 million euros in support to around 100,000 businesses that remain closed (excluding catering, which will be financed through the European Union’s National Strategic Reference Framework / ESPA) were announced by Finance Minister Christos Staikouras.

02.04.2021 / 10:38

The Finance Ministry is seeking a solution to the major problem of rents that were not collected in 2020, as thousands of landlords have not received their tenants’ dues, which may run up to the entire year’s takings, due to the pandemic.

01.04.2021 / 04:00

Businesses are bracing for the seventh phase of the cheap state loans program, known as the “Deposit To Be Returned,” which will amount to more than 1 billion euros and whose disbursal will be fast-tracked.

29.03.2021 / 22:46

The state will have spent at least 38 billion euros by the end of 2021 on supporting Greek enterprises and employees in the face of the pandemic (€24 billion in 2020 and €14 billion this year), Finance Minister Christos Staikouras stated on Monday as he announced the additional interventions for April.

28.03.2021 / 20:55

The government is about to give an extra boost to the tourism and food service sectors, which have taken a massive hit during the 13 months of the pandemic to date.

25.03.2021 / 09:00

The government is preparing to extend the exemption of some 200,000 enterprises from paying commercial rent for April and possibly even May (for those that will remain shuttered), so as to help them survive upon reopening.