It is extremely likely that around 200,000 to 250,000 property owners who saw a large reduction in their income last year will pay a 50% reduced Single Property Tax (ENFIA) this year.

28.07.2021 / 08:37

The Finance Ministry is bringing to Parliament on Thursday a set of measures aimed at easing pressure on taxpayers and businesses, headlined by a debt repayment scheme of up to 72 monthly installments.

28.07.2021 / 07:30

The list of the Finance Ministry’s measures to battle tax evasion includes incentives so that taxpayers demand receipts from 18 categories of professionals and businesses.

27.07.2021 / 22:58

The 31,000 companies eligible for coverage of some of their fixed expenditure by the state have until Wednesday, August 4, to submit their final applications to receive the credit voucher for paying their income tax and social security contributions.

27.07.2021 / 20:38

The marginal increase in state revenues over the first half of the year sufficed to keep the state budget within target, according to the figures published by the State General Accounting Office on Monday.

26.07.2021 / 17:05

The government is planning to reduce or even halve the corporate tax rate for businesses planning mergers or more general overhauls, with the aim of making the economy more competitive and small and medium-sized enterprises more sustainable.

24.07.2021 / 17:20

The procedure for property transactions is being radically overhauled, with owners and buyers needing just a few minutes to complete the transfer without having to procure any documents, certificates, etc. from various agencies.

22.07.2021 / 13:46

Businesses in the sectors of food service, as well as tourism and retail commerce will benefit most from the state subsidies for fixed expenditure, according to data published by the Finance Ministry on Wednesday.

21.07.2021 / 21:22

The government is waiting for the European Commission’s approval to launch the online platform for its program of fixed expenditure subsidies.

19.07.2021 / 08:40

The tax administration is activating an online system that will monitor tax debtors and seek out additional data and information from sources such as the National Cadastre and the General Commercial Registry (GEMI).

15.07.2021 / 22:05

More than 2 million citizens and corporations will get a chance to rearrange their debts to the tax authorities and the social security funds that they ran up during the pandemic in the new payment scheme the government plans to offer, sources say.

14.07.2021 / 21:20

Although Finance Minister Christos Staikouras has made it clear that food service enterprises must pay their rent in full to their landlords as of this month, many professionals in the sector are citing various excuses for not doing so.

13.07.2021 / 19:09

The Finance Ministry and the Independent Authority for Public Revenue (IAPR) will offer many debtors the chance to be reinstated in the standard settlement scheme after previously failing to keep up with repayments.

13.07.2021 / 08:52

The tax administration is proceeding with the measure of increasing the amount of funds that remain protected in debtors’ bank accounts.

13.07.2021 / 08:34

The government is putting an end to support measures and the suspension of activities, even though the coronavirus continues to affect the economy and society, and only the emergence of a variant that could not be contained by the existing vaccines would reverse that, sources say.