Shipowner Marinakis expands his media holdings acquiring the Lambrakis group


The historic – albeit financially troubled – Lambrakis Media Group (DOL) is coming under the control of shipowner Evangelos Marinakis, who also has a number of other media outlets as well as a leading soccer franchise, Olympiakos and a second-tier English soccer club, Nottingham Forest.

Alter Ego, of which Marinakis is the main shareholder, tabled an offer of 22.89 million euros and won the tender that took place on Wednesday concerning 353 titles and trademarks of DOL newspapers, radio stations, magazines etc, along with its stakes in other companies, its equipment and rich media archive.

The other entrants in the tender were Vegata Holdings Co Limited, with an offer of 21 million euros, and Ivan Savvidis’s Dimera, which made a 11.92-million-euro bid.

In acquiring the DOL stake Marinakis is becoming the second biggest shareholder in Teletypos, which owns Mega Channel, as DOL controls 22.11 percent in the TV station, which is also in financial trouble. Savvidis is also a minority stakeholder in Mega.

There was a separate tender on Wednesday for the real estate properties owned by DOL, which was won by Alpha Astika Akinita with an offer of 3.78 million euros.