Rising energy costs, despite generous government subsidies, are forcing retailers to make some hard choices.


09.08.2022 / 15:00

After several months of continuous rise, annual inflation dropped slightly in July, to 11.6% from 12.1% in June, independent statistics authority ELSTAT announced Monday.

06.08.2022 / 08:50

The trade deficit did not increase as steeply in June, but remains at very high levels, according to data released Friday by independent statistics authority ELSTAT.

04.08.2022 / 10:15

Online supermarket sales dropped in the first half of the year compared to the same period last year as consumers switched to cheaper products to compensate for rising prices.

02.08.2022 / 20:19

The Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI) dipped below 50 points in July, raising fears of a recession. Production and, more alarmingly, orders both dipped last month, although S&P Global maintains that industrial production will rise this year.

30.07.2022 / 16:07

Food service has faced two successive crises – the pandemic and inflation – which have not only significantly reduced turnover, but are also creating a new round of overindebtedness for the majority of businesses in the sector, with nearly 44% telling a sector survey they have no cash at all.

30.07.2022 / 13:51

Inflation stopped rising in Greece this month, but despite its marginal easing it remains at a particularly high level.

21.07.2022 / 22:17

The majority of olive oil producers in Greece choose to export their produce in bulk to Italy at very low prices – lower than they export it to other countries – with Italian companies standardizing it and selling it at more than double the price both at home and in many countries abroad.

19.07.2022 / 17:44

Apart from what most consumers experience in supermarkets or on their holidays, the official data, as presented in a recent study by Dianeosis titled “Prospects and Opportunities for the Primary Sector in Greece” also reveal a series of imbalances in the domestic primary sector.

10.07.2022 / 04:00

Inflation recorded a new jump in June, with price increases now extremely high not only in energy products, but also in very basic foods such as bread, milk, olive oil and meat, as well as s range of services which have a direct link with the cost of fuel, such as air, sea and road transport. 

07.07.2022 / 16:15

The battle for market share in small retail is shifting to the field of extended business hours, where the entry of the two largest digital platforms for ordering deliveries at home has drastically changed the landscape.