26.07.2021 / 23:15

This year’s lockdowns led to an increase in households’ disposable incomes and bank savings in the January-March period, according to provisional figures released by the Hellenic Statistical Authority (ELSTAT) on Monday.

10.07.2021 / 15:32

Inflationary pressures have arrived in Greece too, as the consumer price index ended its period of contraction to post a 1% annual increase in June, according to figures the Hellenic Statistical Authority (ELSTAT) released on Friday.

06.07.2021 / 23:00

Restaurant entrepreneurs will ask Finance Minister Christos Staikouras to suspend evictions until the end of the year and extend the rent reduction, though not horizontally but based on turnover reduction.

04.07.2021 / 20:36

The Greek economy is suffering from the same inflationary pressures affecting the entire world, as price hikes in a series of raw materials and in shipping costs are expected to carry on until at least the end of this year, despite original estimates this would be temporary.

02.07.2021 / 22:05

Since the arrival of Covid-19 Greeks have displayed increasing price sensitivity. This is due to the deteriorating economic situation and consumer pessimism stemming from numerous uncertainties regarding the course of the pandemic and the resilience of the economy.

29.06.2021 / 04:00

Changes in the taxation on parcel imports as of this Thursday will not only affect consumers but also the enterprises involved in this market, as the introduction of the regulation for the payment of value-added tax per the destination country’s legislation may well constitute a major opportunity for Greek electronic commerce retailers.

22.06.2021 / 23:02

Another lockdown this fall might actually help retailers, given the inflationary pressures. A possible suspension of activities after the summer could contain the negative consequences from the increase in shipping costs and the international rates of raw materials, as well as from shortages in certain products.

19.06.2021 / 12:07

Greece further improved its ranking last year in the global competitiveness chart drafted by the Institute for Management Development (IMD), climbing to 46th in the world in terms of its policies and the course of the country in 2020.

17.06.2021 / 22:05

Retail commerce managed to earn more than 200 million euros in the first month after stores reopened, according to Hellenic Statistical Authority (ELSTAT) figures, even though there were some important restrictions during that period, some of which remain in place today.

13.06.2021 / 21:47

Before the pandemic the trend in retail commerce globally as well as in Greece was for city stores, even in the form of display shops (especially for homeware retailers), as consumers didn’t want to spend time and money visiting stores outside of the city.

12.06.2021 / 21:35

Seeking to expand its options for the next phase of self-testing, the government hinted on Friday that it is not ruling out the distribution of kits not only by supermarkets, as it has previously announced, but by gas stations, pet shops, bakeries and even laundries too.

10.06.2021 / 04:00

The first four months of the year saw a 2.2% average increase in the prices of basic supermarket goods, according to the findings of the IRI market research company, confirming concerns that inflationary pressures could weigh on the economic recovery.

06.06.2021 / 15:57

The insufficient promotion of Greek olive oil abroad, combined with the absence of a comprehensive policy to contain the cost of exports to far-flung countries like Canada, have resulted in a drop in Greece’s olive oil exports to the world’s second largest country.

02.06.2021 / 21:50

Exporting companies are increasingly facing a dilemma between containing their losses by passing increases in production costs due to steeper prices for raw materials onto their customers, or absorbing the hikes themselves so as not to damage the competitiveness of their products.