Four out of 10 small and medium-sized enterprises live under the fear of being forced to shut down for good in the coming months, as loss in turnover and the amassed debts the pandemic has led to have rendered their sustainability highly doubtful.

08.04.2021 / 04:00

The country’s export industry has saved the national economy for the second time in the last few years, as, after the considerable growth Greek exports showed during the decade-long financial crisis, they are also showing significant resilience during the new crisis brought on by the coronavirus pandemic.

06.04.2021 / 21:04

Sklavenitis and Lidl Hellas appear to have benefited the most in the battle of supermarkets amid the pandemic, though the increased turnover recorded in 2020 due to the expansion of the client base has bolstered the entire sector.

06.04.2021 / 10:07

Both shoppers and the market appeared somewhat reserved upon the reopening of retail stores on Monday in Attica following two months of shuttering.

02.04.2021 / 04:00

The Fourlis Group has decided to restrict the operation of most IKEA stores to the click-and-collect mode, as the government decision to set strict limits on customer numbers inside shops means their full operation doesn’t make any financial sense.

31.03.2021 / 22:37

The broader sector of retail trade beyond food stores and pharmacies is about to reopen, saddled with debts to suppliers, the inability to secure funding, the cancellation of investments and a very low degree of digital transformation, threatening the sustainability mainly of small companies that constitute the backbone of the Greek economy.

31.03.2021 / 10:35

The government is planning to hand out cash support to food service enterprises amounting to between 20% and 30% of their regular turnover so that they can restart their operations when the decision to end the sector’s lockdown is made.

27.03.2021 / 10:47

Τhe government wants retail commerce to reopen on April 5, even if that means having a transition period until April 12 during which purchases will be made through the “click-in-shop” method – i.e. after an appointment – according to sources.

24.03.2021 / 04:00

The fact that food service is heading into its sixth consecutive month of shuttering is also leading the government to take additional support measures for the sector so as to prevent an avalanche of permanent closures, mainly expected after the summer.