CoS fast tracks presidential decree draft for Elliniko


The development project for the old Athens airport plot at Elliniko will start this year, the government assured on Tuesday, with the draft presidential decree for its implementation to be fast-tracked at Council of State’s plenary due to the significance of the matter.

CoS chairman Nikolaos Sakellariou has signed a decision for the decree draft to be presented immediately to the plenary for processing and a decision is expected today on the date of its discussion (to take place behind closed doors) as well as on who will introduce it.

Deputy Economy and Development Minister Stergios Pitsiorlas said in a radio interview on Tuesday that according to the timetable, the administrative court should approve the decree within the first months of the year. This will be followed by the licensing of the casino in the area.

Those procedures, Pitsiorlas told Thessaloniki’s Praktoreio FM, should be completed by end-June. “I believe that in the first six months all this will be done, so that within 2018 everything will be on track for the investment to begin,” he stated.