Increase in apparel sales and turnover in 2016


Clothing and shoe enterprises in Greece recorded a 3.3 percent increase in turnover in 2016, while the sentiment in the sector's retail commerce improved and exports remained on a satisfactory level, according to the latest data collected by Infobank Hellastat SA.

The sales volume of apparel stores throughout the year before last increased by 1.9 percent compared to 2015, mainly thanks to the rising course recorded in the period from January to July.

Department stores outperformed with an annual increase by 4.1 percent, which reflects the ongoing shift of a large share of retail sales to the big commercial spots.

Since 2014 apparel chains have enjoyed growth, gradually recovering after a considerable decline in the five years before that. The swing in the sentiment is mainly attributed to the multinational enterprises, helping the sector perform better than the rest of retail commerce.