Souvlaki price to increase by 10-15 percent


Souvlaki, the traditional Greek fast food popular among locals and visitors alike, will soon suffer a 10-15 percent price hike, kebab shop owners are warning.

The reason for this sudden increase – which could take prices up to 3 euros per pitta-wrapped kebab – is the significant rise in the price of pork, which the meat industries and kebab shop owners can no longer absorb.

There can be no recommendation – let alone imposition – of a horizontal price hike by the union of kebab shop owners that is set to be formed, as that would constitute a direct violation of competition law.

According to a statement by the Association of Hellenic Meat Processing Industries (SEBEK), international pork prices have seen a rise of 30-32 percent since end-February. “Statistically, every couple of years there is a simultaneous emergence of several factors leading to a pork price increase. Usually the consequences are temporary and hikes are absorbed by the manufacturing industry and the distribution chain. In this case it is taking longer and a part of the price increase will reach the final consumer,” SEBEK warned.

The Athens Professional Chamber called for talks to ease the impact on consumers, asking for a reduction of taxes.