Athenian tavernas: Serving up tradition

Where do you go when all you want is good food in an unpretentious setting? For us Greeks, the answer is the humble taverna. Here’s our pick of the best haunts in Athens.

Red snapper soup with herbs and a pinch of cumin

The late Epiphanios of Mylopotamos, a monk and a chef who publicized the gastronomy and viticulture of Mount Athos to the wider world, made a cracking red snapper soup, with lots of herbs, but also cumin, which is unusual for fish. The small amount of cumin doesn’t define the dish, but it does make it spicier.

A load of delicious tripe

These five iconic eateries have resisted the passage of time and firmly established themselves in Athens and Thessaloniki’s culinary scenes.

The Greeks and the American diner

Professor Alexander Kitroeff, one of the leading historians of the Greek-American experience, joins Thanos Davelis to talk about the American diner, its strong links to Greek immigrants, and whether the phenomenon of the Greek-American diner has a future today.

Food sector sees mergers, acquisitions

There has been a lot of business activity recently in the food and beverage industry, as well as in organized food retail, with the conditions appearing to be ripe for the completion of corporate mergers and acquisitions.

Easter cookies from Smyrna, a 100-year-old recipe

Smyrna cookies, along with tsoureki and red eggs, are now an essential component of many households’ culinary traditions. We refer to them as Smyrna cookies because they originated in Asia Minor.

Lamb kokoretsi with sweetbreads

We’ve savored numerous kokoretsi dishes, but none quite like Istanbul’s rendition. Employing a clever technique, they achieve a simultaneous crispiness and juiciness that’s truly remarkable

Avgenakis: Surge in market inspections ahead of Easter

Intensive inspections in the agricultural market and along the borders continue in anticipation of the Easter holiday period. Minister of Rural Development and Food Lefteris Avgenakis has issued instructions for intensified inspections to protect both consumers and domestic agricultural products from counterfeit products.