FAGE sees US sales turnover grow 9.7%

The price of the milk that dairy giant FAGE uses as a raw material in its factories in Greece and the US may have fallen by 36.8% and 15.3% respectively in the first quarter of 2023, but the prices at which the dairy industry sold its products increased on average in all the markets in which it operates by 15.5%.

Food still costly, but price rises easing

Greece’s inflation rate dropped in April to 3%, its lowest level since October 2021. At the same time, food inflation remained high at 11.4%, and it is anticipated that this trend will last at least through the end of the first half of the year.

Crackdown on spread of chairs and tables in public spaces

Seeking to send a message to proprietors encroaching on public space with illegally placed chairs and tables, the Municipality of Athens has already singled out 10 catering establishments that have repeatedly failed to comply with the rules.

Greek cuisine savoring its moment

An increasing number of tourists are enjoying excellent Greek food while on vacation and returning home in search of similar gastronomic experiences in restaurants or food shops.

Cypriots buy more food  than needed

A recent report has found that Cypriots have a tendency to purchase more food than they actually need, leading to unnecessary waste and higher expenses.

Relatively low grocery prices

Supermarkets in Greece generally have lower prices than other countries in Europe, but this is a phenomenon that is mainly related to the fact that in Greece most vegetables and fruits are cheaper and in general products sold in bulk.

Foreign threat to Greek feta

Greek authorities and local dairy industries are up against yet another case of feta imitation and the unlicensed use of the name of Greece’s most popular cheese.

Original feta cheese… made in France

In the 2020 corporate and social responsibility report of France’s Lactalis, the world’s leading dairy company, there is a section titled “Authentic Products and Heritage.”

Functional food, made in Greece

How about a snack that’s just as delicious but way healthier than the usual greasy potato chip when you’re desperate for a quick nibble? Or a glass of milk containing a higher concentration of melatonin instead of a pill when you’re tossing and turning in your bed?

The next frontier in farming? The ocean

For centuries, it’s been treasured in kitchens in Asia and neglected almost everywhere else: those glistening ribbons of seaweed that bend and bloom in cold ocean waves.

Sakellaropoulos olive oil to be used in US experiment

Greece’s Sakellaropoulos Organic Farms will be the exclusive suppliers of olive oil to a new preparatory project titled “Oleocanthal Plus Cardio” in patients of the Artemis Wellness Center in the US city of Milford in Connecticut.