Only one in three Greeks planning to go on holiday this summer


The pandemic is having a major impact on the holiday plans of Greeks, with just one in three saying they intend to take a vacation this summer, according to a survey conducted by the Association of Business and Retail Sales of Greece (SELPE) and published last week.

The survey – which was carried out with the scientific support of the ELTRUN laboratory of electronic trade of the Athens University for Economics and Business – found that only one in seven Greeks (14%) will holiday as usual, while 18% said they will go on a shorter vacation due to financial constraints or changes in their options, choosing rented rooms instead of hotels.

Four out of nine (44%) responded they will definitely not have holidays this year, possibly expecting to see how the coronavirus pandemic evolves.

The pandemic has also brought changes to how Greeks shop: One in two consumers buy products with price being their main criterion, with only 23% citing quality as the main factor driving their choices. One in 10 (10%) say hygiene and safety is a priority when they go shopping, and 6% buy with the ease in shopping in mind.