Gate open for reduced rent declarations


The online platform for landlords to declare the reduced rents they have received in observance of government measures opened on Friday so that owners have 30% of their losses offset by the state.

Property owners have until September 23 to submit their declarations for the 40% reduced rent payments collected from March to June if they have not already done so, and additional statements for the months up to August. They will need to access the “Covid-19 declarations” area on Taxisnet with their username and password.

If landlords have failed to submit a property leasing declaration, they will need to submit one ahead of declaring the last few months’ reduced takings. According to the tax authorities, the property leasing statements can be uploaded up until the end of this month without incurring any penalties.

Then tenants must also access the platform before October 1 so as to declare their acceptance of the reduced rent information landlords have submitted.

Property owners are supposed to have 30% of their losses returned through their reduced income tax or Single Property Tax (ENFIA) dues.