Businesses given 24 hours to declare staff working from home


The accounting departments of all private companies in Attica will only have 24 hours after the publication of the decision in the Government Gazette of the obligatory employment of part of their staff in teleworking, probably on Tuesday, to declare which of their employees will be given such status.

The Labor Ministry clause to that effect forms part of the emergency temporary measures for the Attica Region and provides for enterprises to introduce distance working for at least 40% of their staff who are able to do so, based on their job.

Employers also have to declare which of their employees will work from home, by filling in and submitting the relevant form on the ministry’s Ergani hirings database within 24 hours.

The very tight timetable the clause dictates, combined with a fine of 3,000 euros on those that violate it, has already generated a strong reaction from the corporate world in the capital, mainly from accountants and tax experts who are asking for more time to implement the measure. They also argue there are several unclear aspects to the ministry’s clause.