OAED forced to join the digital era


The pandemic was the catalyst for the shift of the Manpower Organization (OAED) to the digital era, with both staff and users being forced to become accustomed to dealing with the human resources agency online.

This year the electronic register of OAED had over 4.5 million visits by individuals, while its integrated online system processed over 58 million online transactions of interoperability with other state entities, at least 5.3 million applications and over 4.4 million electronic payments that exceeded 1.6 billion euros.

Speaking to Kathimerini, OAED Director Spyros Protopsaltis admitted that the needs created due to the pandemic have accelerated the organization’s digital transformation.

“In just a few months we have implemented innovative digital instruments and today we offer an extensive number of e-services to the unemployed, to workers, enterprises, students, pupils and education professionals,” he said.

Nevertheless, there are many unemployed people who do not have access to online services, therefore have come up against significant difficulties in their effort to be served.