Online bookings lag behind

Two in 10 Greeks going on holiday refer to the Internet for travel services, well below the European Union average, according to a recent study. The study, put together by the Greek Information Society, cites figures from the European Union statistics agency Eurostat, saying that 32 percent of citizens in the EU’s 27 member states book accommodation and make other travel plans online before going on holiday – up from 25 percent in 2006. One in two Dutch and British holidaymakers use the Internet for the same purpose, while three in five Norwegians and Finns make holiday plans online. Data from an international research group show that online travel revenues in Western Europe are expected to reach 79.7 billion euros in 2014, from 44.9 billion euros in 2008. Broadband Internet penetration has risen in Greece recently, reaching 15.6 percent of the population at the end of June, but still remains among the lowest in the EU.