Erasmus students from France busted for throwing party in Thessaloniki


Police in the northern port city of Thessaloniki fined 14 French university students a total of 6,900 euros for violating lockdown rules by throwing a party in the early hours of Tuesday.

According to a report on the Thestival website, police were called to downtown Thessaloniki’s Aischylou Street by neighbors reporting sounds of a party from the apartment of a 20-year-old student from France.

The young woman reportedly denied the illegal gathering when officers first appeared at her door at around 1.30 a.m., prompting a search of the apartment. Thestival said officers found 13 young people aged between 20 and 23 hiding in closets and under the bed. They were fined 300 euros each, while the 20-year-old who organized the party was presented with a fine of 3,000 euros.

According to the report, all 14 are French nationals who came to Greece three weeks ago with the Erasmus exchange program.