Sea turtle deaths broke record last year, NGO says


More than 700 sea turtles were reported dead in 2020 in Greece, according to conservation group Archelon, which is urging the public to be vigilant in view of the summer season. It said that the number of dead turtles exceeded 700 for the first time and could be more.

“The reported dead turtles stranded on the beaches do not represent the total number of deaths that occur every year,” said Dimitris Fytilis, the manager of Archelon’s rescue center, citing Greece’s extensive coastline and many remote areas.

Archelon receives data regarding stranded sea turtles from the Greek coast guard, along with photos and other relevant information.

The organization notes that the most most serious threats to sea turtles in the Mediterranean are related to their becoming accidentally trapped in fishing gear, plastic and trash, but also over-development of their nesting sites.