Greek authorities seize more than four tons of narcotics


The Drug Agency of Greece’s Financial Crimes Squad (SDOE) in co-operation with the Hellenic Police Drug Agency seized more than four tons (4,387 tons) of processed cannabis on Thursday. The narcotics, valued at 33 million dollars, were found in a shipping container in Piraeus and bound for Slovakia.

According to a statement by the United States Drug Enforcement Agency in Greece, headquartered in the US Embassy, the SDOE Drug Agency received information that a large quantity of narcotics was moving by sea from the Middle East to Central Europe.

After a meticulous investigation, the authorities zeroed in on the shipping container that arrived in Piraeus on April 14. When carrying out a search of the container, they found within it a hidden secret compartment in the roof that housed 129 nylon sacks full of the narcotics.