Prosecutor orders probe into bus company fake certificate claims


The head of the Prosecutor’s Office of Thessaloniki on Monday ordered a preliminary inquiry into the claims that several employees in Thessaloniki’s urban transport organization (OASTH) have lied about their qualifications.

The probe will look into whether there is evidence of forgery or breach of duty, as well as fostering a criminal, in case it is found that the crime was known to the competent bodies of OASTH and turned a blind eye.

Last Friday, OASTH President Giorgos Skodras said that 15 cases of forged high school diplomas were identified during a check carried out in the company on his orders.

“The authenticity of those degrees should have taken place from the beginning but it was never done. And based on these degrees, they [employees] were also classified in pay grades, and some of them are being paid accordingly,” he told local Radio Thessaloniki last week.