Greek-US relations, Afghanistan dominate Mitsotakis-Menendez meeting


Regional and international issues of common interest, with an emphasis on developments in the wider region, the Eastern Mediterranean, North Africa and the Balkans, as well as the situation in Afghanistan, were discussed during a meeting between Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis with US Senator Robert Menendez in Athens on Thursday.

Menendez is visiting the country for contacts with the state and political leadership on the occasion of the 200th anniversary since the 1821 Greek Revolution that founded the modern Greek state.

“We are really looking forward to the completion of the US-Greece Defense Partnership Act of 2021, which I believe will be a milestone legislation that will further cement the progress we have made in our bilateral relations,” Mitsotakis said during the meeting.

The US senator praised Greece’s leadership in various issues, including democracy and tackling climate change, as well as in the recent wildfires, noting that while property is always something to lament the loss of, lives are the priority.

The two officials also noted the very high level of relations between Athens and Washington, as well as the even greater potential for their expansion.

Menendez will speak at 9 p.m. at an event organized by the “Greece 2021” Committee at the Acropolis Museum.