Athens Medical School slammed for ‘desertion’


The Athens-Piraeus Hospital Doctors Association (EINAP) has denounced the Athens Medical School over a document issued, which, it said, states that patients with Covid-19 will no longer be admitted to university clinics and will be channeled for treatment exclusively to National Health System (ESY) clinics.

The initial document, dated August 30, was sent to the ministries of Health and Education, marked “extremely urgent.”

In a letter to Health Minister Thanos Plevris, EINAP described the move by the Athens Medical School as “an act of unilateral desertion from the fight against the pandemic which does not honor university doctors at all.”

EINAP called on the the Athens Medical School and especially its president “to immediately revoke this unacceptable decision,” which, it added, ultimately “promotes the full privatization” of public healthcare.