Mini lockdowns abolished in ‘red’ regions, as government eases Covid restrictions


Greek Health Minister Thanos Plevris announced on Wednesday an end of strict Covid-19 restrictions in areas with high viral load and a further easing of health measures in bars and clubs for those fully vaccinated ahead of fall.

The over-night curfews and bans in music imposed in regions that turned “red” on the epidemiological map of Greece are scrapped and citizens in these areas, vaccinated or not, will only “take additional precautions,” such as wearing a mask and social distancing.

Plevris also said that “additional freedoms” will be given to those fully vaccinated, allowing bars, clubs and restaurants to have standing customers and music – but only those venues that are Covid-free (only allow fully vaccinated customers). Mixed venues will maintain the same restrictions.

The minister also reiterated a call for people to get vaccinated.

“A key element for our freedom is to increase vaccination and we want to send the message that in areas where the risk is lower, freedoms will reach a level that will be close to normal,” he said at a press briefing announcing the new measures.