Migration Ministry says asylum seekers are properly fed in camps


All asylum seekers in Greece in accommodation facilities on the islands or the mainland are provided with “three meals and drinking water” every day, the Migration and Asylum Ministry said on Monday, rejecting complaints from 26 non-governmental organizations.

Earlier on Monday, the 26 NGOs issued a statement claiming there was an insufficient supply of food at the camps and delays in the provision of financial support to asylum seekers.

The ministry also said that asylum seekers would receive the “normal financial assistance” at the end of the month, and in instalments thereafter.

On October 1, the government assumed the management of the cash assistance programme for asylum seekers in Greece from the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR).

The ministry also said that asylum seekers whose claims have been rejected are obliged to leave the country. In addition, those whose claims have been accepted do not have the right to remain in camps.

“They have the right to work and can apply for allowances for their support,” it said. [AMNA]