PCR not required for vaccinated who get Covid, minister clarifies


Fully vaccinated people who test positive for Covid-19 will not be required to provide a PCR result in order to stay away from work, as a rapid test result will suffice, Deputy Health Mina Gaga said on Friday.

Only unvaccinated people will be required to obtain a PCR result after testing positive, which will be used to issue a certificate of recovery from the virus.

Speaking to private broadcaster SKAI, she said that misunderstandings of the rules had led to a rush for PCR tests and that a ministerial decision clarifying the situation would be published soon.

Referring to the new quarantine instructions for people with Covid and or who come in contact with a case, she said that people without symptoms can leave their home after five days but should wear a high-protection mask for the following five days.

Fully vaccinated people who come in contact with an omicron case do not need to quarantine at all. However, they should wear a high-protection mask when outside their home.

She estimated that today’s new cases will be similar to yesterday’s, so above 30,000.