Thousands of voters on the ideological fence

Thousands of voters on the ideological fence

More than 2 million voters no longer identify with the traditional ideological classifications of “left,” “center” and “right,” recent polls have indicated.

The trend is especially noticeable in the 17-24 age group of 1.1 million people, 27.7% of which do not believe in such distinctions. The next age group, 25-39, represents 1.8 million voters who are also skeptical, though to a smaller extent (20.5%).

The biggest chunk of voters, however, comes from the 2.4 million people aged 40-54, of which 25.8%, or 618,000, rejects definitions that appeal more to older generations, as 17.6% of 55-64 year-olds and just 14.1% of over-65s deny the differentiation.

Given that center-right New Democracy received around 2.3 million votes and leftist SYRIZA 1.8, with an abstention rate of 57.7% in the 2019 polls, the concern is that many of these 2 million voters will not turn up on the day.

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