Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis has vowed there will be no letup in the government’s effort to restore order at Greek universities, which continue to be plagued by sit-ins.

12.01.2022 / 14:34

In response to the perennial challenges posed by bad weather to Greece’s power network, and amid the current Diomidis front sweeping the country, the government is launching an ambitious program to upgrade and replace overhead electricity cables with underground ones.

11.01.2022 / 16:38

With the Omicron variant proliferating around the country, the government is throwing all its weight behind the effort to ensure that Greece rides the fifth wave of the pandemic with the least possible damage so that it can enjoy a Covid-free spring. 

07.01.2022 / 08:00

January is seen as particularly crucial for the government and may turn out to be the most difficult month of the Kyriakos Mitsotakis administration, as the course of the pandemic is expected to have a strong political impact.

24.12.2021 / 08:26

With an Omicron tidal wave expected to hit Greece within January, the government is scrambling for options to protect public health without unduly disrupting social and economic activity. 

23.12.2021 / 08:45

Among the multifaceted effects of the pandemic the government is struggling with, spiking energy prices are far from the least of its concerns.

22.12.2021 / 07:59

Even though the government had reportedly almost made up its mind on Sunday to introduce the obligation for vaccinated people to take a registered rapid test at a pharmacy or testing center before entering entertainment venues on New Year’s Eve, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis announced something much milder Tuesday.

21.12.2021 / 09:24

With the Omicron variant at the gates and the threat of a new pandemic very real, the government is preparing to take new measures of deterrence, focusing on New Year’s Eve, which traditionally gathers large crowds in nightclubs.

18.12.2021 / 11:35

Despite the fact that Saturday’s debate in Parliament is about the budget, the main focus of attention will be the pandemic and the study published this week concerning the mortality rates of Covid patients treated in intensive care units which sparked a political storm.

17.12.2021 / 07:56

In the aftermath of the publication of a study this week that found regional disparities in the quality of Covid-19 care and that mortality rates in intensive care units are negatively affected by the high numbers of patients, one of its authors lamented that it was being weaponized for political purposes.

15.12.2021 / 14:26

Greece’s election map will change after the ongoing population census is completed. With the first phase of the census done, the first estimates have emerged of how the population has fluctuated according to constituency.

04.12.2021 / 08:52

Despite the fact that the government continues to insist that there will not be a new lockdown, it has been constantly enacting new targeted measures aimed not only at bringing an end to the current fourth wave of the Covid-19 pandemic, but also to shield the country in the event of a very possible fifth wave in the new year. 

25.11.2021 / 12:02

Aiming to make things easier for expatriate Greeks, the ministries of Foreign Affairs and Digital Governance are drafting a project that will provide them with digital services. 

24.11.2021 / 21:04

The creation of a Greek hub in Silicon Valley and the necessary steps for it to become a reality will be discussed, Kathimerini understands, during the upcoming visit to the United States on December 11-18 by Deputy Foreign Minister in charge of economic diplomacy and extroversion Kostas Fragogiannis.