Albanian suspects leave traces in mountainous Fokida

Police on Tuesday were investigating traces left by five armed men in the mountainous area of Perithiotissa, in the prefecture of Fokida, western Greece.

According to reports officers conducting large-scale operations in the broader area discovered two of the three bulletproof vests the suspects had allegedly retrieved from police officers on June 17 in Livadia, central Greece, during a violent confrontation in which a police officer was shot dead.

Three of the men are believed to be fugitives from a prison in Trikala, central Greece, while the other two are allegedly those who helped them ecsape in March.

The five suspects, all Albanian nationals, were also believed to have caused the death of a female motorist caught in the crossfire during a shootout with police officers on the outskirts of Corinth in March.

Officers searching in Perithiotissa also retrieved a gun which had been reportedly stolen from a residence in the village of Teichio on June 22.