Mayor pledges to return Syntagma to normality

Athens Mayor Giorgos Kaminis has pledged that the people camping in Syntagma Square would be removed ?one way or another? and that the space would soon return to normality.

Dozens of people who set up tents in the square during the Indignant protests over the past two months have remained there, causing concerns about hygiene, safety and the image of the Athens?s main public space.

On Thursday, first instance prosecutor Eleni Raikou launched an investigation to establish whether the remaining demonstrators are breaking any laws.

Speaking to Skai TV on Friday, Kaminis said that those still camped in the square have nothing to do with the protests that were held there since the end of May.

The mayor suggested that municipal employees, such as street cleaners, are unable to carry out their work. Kaminis indicated that this might provide the grounds for authorities to intervene.

So far, the police has been reluctant to forcibly remove the protesters.